I believe that in the end, allowing a person and family the dignity and respect to make choices is what allows peace to take place.

Christina Chavez

Pueblo Health Educator
Pueblo of Cochiti

One cannot truly imagine what it feels like to be face to face with imminent death until you are there….if my last days of suffering—pain, fear, anxiety—can be eased by allowing me the autonomy to decide when enough is enough, I want that option.

Erika Gergerich

Professor of Medical Social Work at New Mexico State University and is  a mother of two with stage 4 breast cancer

Everyone deserves
a compassionate option.

Glenn Buckland

Rio Rancho, living with terminal cancer

Every single patient I have cared for as they go through their dying process has approached it differently and because of that, I fervently believe that every single one of us requires the full complement of options open to us as we face that end.

Dr. Katherine Morris

Surgical Oncologist, and co-plaintif Morris v. New Mexico

None of us should be denied how we want to die when faced with a terminal illness. No one should make that decision for us.

Poem Swentzell, LMSW

Santa Fe