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The topics of death and dying are most often subjects that the public wants to avoid discussing. We all saw what happened when Barbie mentioned the “D Word” in her bright pink movie world. . . everything came to a screeching halt. 

Here’s the big news: everyone dies. Talking about it won’t make it happen sooner, but learning about it can help us deal with it in ways that are beneficial to ourselves and our loved ones. 

Mixed Candy Media - Josephine Levy

 Josephine Levy

End of Life Options New Mexico (EOLONM) is proud to be a resource for people wanting to learn more about advance health care planning and end of life healthcare issues. Our efforts include both Facebook and Instagram accounts, where we continue to engage, educate, and (sometimes) entertain. If you are on social media, we would love to connect with you. Find us at or

Josephine Levy is the Creative Director of MixedCandy Media and volunteers her skills and wide array of experience with EOLONM.

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