Read Compelling Stories About Real New Mexicans in our 2021 Storybook

The Power of Stories 

Everyone has a story to tell.  “Stories are the way we understand and make sense of the world we find ourselves in.” says Clare Patey, Director of the Empathy Museum, whose purpose is to help visitors view the world through the perspectives of others, using participatory storytelling and dialogue.

In New Mexico, storytelling is at the heart of our culture, playing a powerful role in the telling of history, in passing down the wisdom of our ancestors, and helping us to understand a point of view that is different than our own. In fact, some of the most fascinating stories are the ones of people who have unique experiences, different from our own. While some of the most compelling stories are the ones that touch on a shared experience of human kind. Stories can open hearts and minds.

As we prepare for the 2021 legislative session, many supporters will be writing to state legislators, telling their stories, and asking them to support medical aid in dying. Many already have. Check out our 2021 Storybook here.  If you are one, consider the experiences that you and/or your loved ones have had with terminal illness, death and dying. How did those experiences shape your perspective about medical aid in dying?  How can you best describe them in a way that both communicates your personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, while still capturing our shared humanity?

Please feel free to download the Storybook or provide the link to your legislators, other supporters, and friends.

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