Medical Aid in Dying – Now an Option for Nearly a Half Billion People


This Factoid from Professor Thaddeus Pope’s Medical Futility Blog on March 20. 2021, really puts the passage of the New Mexico law and the worldwide movement to expand end-of-life options into perspective.

With the addition of New Mexico and Spain, individuals who live in a jurisdiction where they have a right to medical aid in dying (either self-administered or clinician-administered MAID) now numbers 413 million.

USA – Oregon (4.2m)

USA – Washington (7.6m)

USA – Vermont (0.6m)

USA – Montana (1m)

USA – California(40m)

USA – Washington, DC (0.7m)

USA – Colorado (5.8m)

USA – Hawaii (1.4m)

USA – New Jersey (8.9m)

USA – Maine (1.3m)

USA – New Mexico (2m)

Australia – Victoria (6.4m)

Australia – Western Australia (2.6m) (effective July 2021)

New Zealand (4.9m) (effective Nov. 2021)

Switzerland (8.5m)

Colombia (50.3m)

Belgium (11.5m)

Netherlands (17.3m)

Luxembourg (0.6m)

Canada (37.6m)

Germany (83m)

Italy (60.4m) (court only, not yet implemented)

Austria (8.9m) (court only, not yet implemented)

Spain (47m)

Individuals in other jurisdictions have other options like VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking). Those with the requisite resources can travel to Switzerland where commercial MAID services are available. Or they can travel to one of the U.S. states above which have easy residency requirements.

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