Steps for Using the End-of-Life Options Act

About the Process

Confirmation of Terminal Status by Two Providers

In most cases, two licensed healthcare providers, one of which must be a physician (MD or DO), must confirm the terminal illness. Individuals are not eligible for medical aid in dying solely because of age or disability.

For Nurse Practitioners or PAs

If the prescribing provider for an individual not enrolled in hospice is an advanced practice nurse or physician assistant, they must obtain written confirmation from a consulting physician of…

  1. The patient’s terminal prognosis,
  2. Their mental capability to make end-of-life care decisions and
  3. Their ability to self-administer medical aid-in-dying medication before a prescription can be written.

Hospice-related Eligibility

Individuals enrolled in hospice are considered terminal based on the standard of care and do not require a second confirmation if the prescribing provider is a physician.

Informed Consent

In all cases, the prescribing provider must inform the requesting individual about all of their end-of-life care options, including hospice and pain and symptom management.

Confirmed Mental Capacity

In all cases, if the provider has concerns about the individual’s mental capacity or ability to make an informed decision, they must make a referral to a mental health professional for an assessment. Medication cannot be prescribed until the requesting individual’s mental capacity is affirmed.

The Form

The individual must fill out the “Request to End My Life in a Peaceful Manner” form and present it to their qualified clinician. The form is available in English, Spanish, Navajo/Diné, and Vietnamese (see below). 

Waiting Period

There is a 48-hour waiting period before the aid-in-dying prescription can be filled for a qualified individual (dying patient), which a provider can waive if the patient is unlikely to survive the waiting period.
PDF For download. 2 pgs.

About the Process

Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act: Information for New Mexico Residents).-

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, there is a process that must be followed in order to qualify for a prescription for aid-in-dying medication. Download this document made available by Compassion and Choices..

Request to End My Life in a Peaceful Manner
PDF For download. 2 pgs.

The Form:
‘Request to End My Life in a Peaceful Manner’ 

The individual must fill out the “Request to End My Life in a Peaceful Manner” form and present it to their qualified clinician. This form is now available in English, dual language Spanish & English, Navajo (Diné bizaad) and Vietnamese.