Bill Summary: 2021 Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act

Elizabeth Whitefield
Judge Elizabeth Whitefield

Below is the Bill Summary for the proposed 2021 Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act (EWEOLOA).

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Who is Elizabeth Whitefield? To read about Judge Whitefield and her legacy of advocacy to expand end-of-life options in New Mexico, click here.

This Bill Summary describes the provisions and safeguards of the proposed 2021 EWEOLOA bill in layman terms. Both the Bill Discussion Draft (proposed legislation) and Bill Summary (below) will be shared and used to inform candidates, legislators, and the general public about medical aid in dying. This community discussion will continue throughout the next few months until we pre-file the bill in early 2021, just before the legislative session. If there are any changes resulted from our community dialogs, we will update the draft Bill and draft Bill Summary prior to filing, as appropriate.

For a copy of the proposed 2021 legislation, also known as the Bill Discussion Draft, email us at


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